Kirkby la Thorpe Parish lies to the east of Sleaford and shares boundaries with Ewerby and Evedon parish to the north, Asgarby and Howell to the east,  and Burton Pedwardine to the  south


The Parish itself is split into four distinct areas, the village to the north of the A17, with Mount Lane, south of the the A17, and the two more urban sections, situated near the boundary with Sleaford, which are the Hoplands, north of Boston Road and the Kingslea (poets' ) estate, south of Boston Road.


As well as the busy A17 and Boston Road, the Parish is crossed by three railway lines - Sleaford to Skegness (with an unmanned level crossing on Mount Lane), Sleaford to Spalding (going under Mount Lane bridge) and the recently restored Sleaford Avoiding Line which takes freight traffic eventually from Doncaster to Peterborough using the Boston Road Railway Bridge.


The village has its own School, Church, Pub and children's play area, more about which can be found using the  links to the left.


The Parish is also home to Sleaford Police Station, Football Grounds (including Bowling Green) and the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant (Eco2).


Much of the surrounding land is farmed by the Thorpe and Asgarby Estate and its tenants, giving an attractive rural backdrop to the built up areas.