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Christmas and New Year Bin Collections 2018/19

8th November 2018 - Super Fast Fibre Broadband is Now Live in Kirkby La Thorpe.

1st November 2018 - Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School will be hosting a firework display from 7pm onwards.

Free Training Event KLT Primary School - Tuesday 16th October is 'Restart a Heart Day'. Hosted by volunteers from KLT Primary School, Parish Council and LIVES we are offering CPR an Defibrillator training starting at 7pm.  If you would like to book please contact the Parish Clerk to reserve a space (20 available).

(12th July 2018) - Robert Hipworth has retired as a Councillor after 45 years service in various capacities within the parish, creating a casual vacancy, Official Notice. As you will see, if 10 electors  request an election within the 14 clear days, then one must be held within a fixed period.  If no election is requested then the Parish Council will be looking to co-opt a new Councillor. If you are interested in being considered, please do contact the Clerk

(24th May 2018) - District Election Result

(12th May 2018) -   District Election Kirkby La Thorpe and South Kyme Ward -  24th May Notice of Election 

The Annual Meeting of the Kirkby La Thorpe Parish will be held on Thursday 10th May 2018, at 7pm at Kirkby La Thorpe Primary School, Chruch Lane. 
This will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Kirkby La Thorpe Parish Council.

(18th April 2018) - NOTICE OF ELECTION 

(18th January 2018) - TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE:  Kirkby La Thorpe
Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the road(s) detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.
REASON FOR CLOSURE:  Essential maintenance works Anglian Water/Clancy Docwra
LOCATION:  Church Lane
PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  12/2/2018 to 14/2/2018


You may be interested to know that during the build stage of an FTTP installation, the fibre cable is ran from a head end in the exchange to an aggregation node that takes capacity to a local area.  It then connects to a splitter node using a tree and branch approach.  From the splitter nodes fibre cables are fed to the new connectorised blocks which can be located overhead on telegraph poles or installed in underground footway boxes. The connectorised block then feeds individual premises.

 (9th November 2017) Casual Vancancy Filled. Co-option took place within the November meeting and agreed unanimously. Welcome to Councillor Carl Denton.

(14th August 2017) Casual Vacancy continued... there have been no requests for an election  so the Parish Council  will be looking to co-opt at its next meeting, 4th September. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, please contact the Clerk or one of the existing Councillors. Please note that any applicant's name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date have resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish.  The applicant must not be barred from standing as a Councillor.

(7th August 2017) We've had an enquiry from a gentleman in Suffolk asking about the location of an Army Searchlight  in the village in WWII. Does anyone out there have any information on this that we could share please?

(29th July 2017) We've received notification of various traffic orders affecting the A17 between Holdingham Roundabout and the KLT junction, sliproads, laybys and footpath no 15 at unspecified times  between September and next February.

(20th July 2017)  Sean Johnson has retired as a Councillor after many years service, creating a casual vacancy, please see the official notice. As you will see, if 10 electors  request an election within the 14 clear days, then one must be held within a fixed period.  If no election is requested then the Parish Council will be looking to co-opt a new Councillor. If you are interested in being considered, please do contact the Clerk.

(19th June 2017) Another Road Closure - this time for the A17 Westbound slip road on to Boston Road from 14th - 25th August

(26th May 2017)  Kirkby la Thorpe Parish Council - publication of Unaudited Accounts 2016-17

(26th May 2017) The Parish Council is looking for a new Clerk and RFO - job advert 

(12th May 2017)  Parliamentary Elections 8th June - polling stations  and candidates

(5th May 2017) The Notice of Election for the Parliamentary  Elections on 8th June has now been published

(26th April 2017) Another road closure - during the day on 1st June, Mount Lane level crossing will be closed for essential maintenance work

(21st April 2017)  The Notice of  Poll for the LCC Elections has now been published, giving the names of the candidates.

(7th April 2017) We've been advised of a road closure  - for one day between 16th and 24th May - on the section of Church Lane, south of Boston Road

(24th March 2017) County Council elections take place  on 4th May. Please see here for details of the nomination process, how to register to vote  or arrange a postal vote.

(25th January 2017)  Good News! The Sleaford Renewable Energy Liaison Plant has just awarded the Parish Council  a grant of over £10,000 to put towards the improvements in Broadband speed for the  Church Lane area of the parish.  We are waiting contracts  from BT to fnalise the deal.  As we understand it this project will have no adverse impact on residents' ability to claim their personal BDUK Vouchers in future.

(30th December 2016) The Royal Voluntary Service has just launched a new service for Veterans  see poster or  link to their facebook page

(15th December 2016) Eco2 has just announced its delivery plans for the Christmas and New Year break. Like last year there are complications from the extended bank holiday  with Christmas Day falling at the weekend and the arrangements are necessary for the plant to keep running.

(15th December 2016)  A new round of Switch has just been announced. The closing date is 13th February 2017 to register for a better deal on your gas and electricity prices. You can register on line or, if you'd prefer, by phone, call NKDC on 01592 414155

(30th November 2016) LCC Highways Department has issued their 'Self help' information re wintry conditions which includes keeping footpaths clear of snow etc

(30th November 2016)    LCC has asked that all incidences of flooding must be logged, with details, on the LCC Highways Flood number:  01522 782082 - please call them direct

(18th November 2016) Mount Lane Phone Box  - a public consutation is being  held by BT about the removal of several phone boxes including the one at Mount Lane - to have your say  see the letter. Closing date 16th January 2017

(18th November 2016)  Candidates for the forthcoming Parliamentary Election have been announced

(18th November 2016) Christmas Bin Collections - this Christmas and New Year, bins that would  normally be collected on Mondays will be collected on the previous Saturday - 24th and 31st. Side waste will be taken only in the first collection after Christmas. Any questions, please, to NKDC 01529 414155 

(16th November 2016)  Post Office Services - from week commencing 28th November 2016, these will be availble from the Mobile Post Office in the Queen's Head car park on Fridays from  10.30 to 11.30.  Services will include Car Tax, Travel Money, Passport Check & Send and collecting benefits in cash using everyday banking services or PO card account. There is a step into the vehicle and an electronic tailgate for wheelchair users etc. Parking is available nearby.

(8th November 2016)  An election will be taking place on 8th December to elect a new MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham Constituency - please see here for the formal notice, giving deadlines for nominations etc. Don't forget to make sure you are  registered to vote!

(8th October 2016). The External Audit for 2015-16 is now complete. Please see the official Notice of Conclusion and the External Auditor's report

(22nd September 2016) Useful Numbers: 

(15th September 2016) The Boundary Commission for England is conducting a review of the Parliamentary Boundaries. There are several changes planned for consituencies that cover North  Kesteven and one proposal is that Kirkby la Thorpe's new LCC Ward, Kirkby la Thorpe and South Kyme, will become part of the Boston and Skegness Parliamentary Constituency. The Consultation ends on 5th December.

(23rd May 2016) The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is undertaking a further review in Lincolnshire - the closing date for comments is 6th June - please see their website for more detail.

(20th May 2016) More trips around the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant are being organised for Tuesday 20th September - 10.00 am, 2.30 pm and 6.00 pm. To book a place please contact the Clerk. 

(19th May 2016) The Parish Council's Accounts for 2015-16 will shortly be published see notice

(16th May 2016) Safe as Houses - NKDC Initiative for private tenants and their landlords

(13th May 2016) EU Referendum - official notification

(11th May 2016) Road Closure - we've been notified that Mount Lane level crossing will be closed on 2nd June - for more details see here

(apologies for lack of updates - technical issues!)

(29th March 2016) Elections for the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner will take place on Thursday 5th May - please see notice

(19th March 2016) LCC has confirmed the order changing the route of Footpath No 3 at Grange Farm - see official site notice

(18th March 2016) We have been notified that Sleaford REP has been given permission to have deliveries and collections from 0700 to 1900 on Saturday 26th March, instead of the usual 0800 to 1400. This is to maintain stock levels over the Easter weekend without deliveries on the Friday, Sunday or Monday.

(19th February 2016) There is still funding available for projects in the Parish from the Eco2 Community Fund - the final deadline is drawing close see and following the link to the Community Liaison Panel.

(22nd December 2015) Local Government Boundary Commission for England has just published its draft recommendations for Lincolnshire. This will affect the LCC ward boundary for this area, please see the poster and their website for more details and a fascinating interactive map

(3rd December 2015) LCC Legal services team has asked us to display a site notice about the Public Footpath Diversion Order re Footpath No 3 in the Parish. The window for representations is open from 9th December to 11th January 2016.

(1st November) - Planning for Christmas... As you will be aware, Sleaford REP has the storage capacity for 3 days' running and they are not allowed to have any deliveries on Sundays or Bank Holidays. The way Christmas falls this year there would be 4 consecutive no-delivery days 25th to 28th inclusive. They have therefore been granted permission to take deliveries (and ash collection) on Monday 28th December, but as usual restricted to 7am to 7pm.

(11th September) Delighted to report that Richard Bridgen was co-opted to the Council at the PC meeting last night - a full house at last!

(3rd September) Another road closure notification - this is for the A17 westbound slipway on and off, for 2 days between 12th and 16th October. 

(10th August) We've been notified of a road closure on Evedon Road (near Rectory Cottage)  on 9th to 11th September

(4th August) The External Audit  for the Parish Council's accounts is now complete - please see here for a copy of the Auditor's Report.

(4th August) REP tours - please note these latest visits have been fully booked - please contact the Clerk to be notified of any future trips.

photo from the May visit - residents meeting Eco2 manager Darren Smith (far right)

(13th July) Two additional trips to the Renewable Energy Plant have now been arranged. Taking place on Tuesday 28th July and Wednesday 5th August at 6 pm, there are a very limited number of places left on each. Please contact the Clerk. 

(4th June) Mount Lane Play Are has some new equipment! The long-awaited parallel bars arrived today. As you can it was a busy day there, not only the new bars, but fully laden straw trailers driving past and if you look carefully you may see the Network Rail contractor's vehicle behind - they were working on the level crossing too!

(21st May) At the  Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, held on 14th May, co-options were made  to fill three of the four vacancies. The Parish Council  thanked Sean Johnson for returning and was pleased to welcome new Councillors Andy Parker and Phil White.  One vacancy remains and it is hoped that this will be filled by co-option at the July meeting

Cllr Julia Harrison, the new District Councillor for our ward attended the Annual Parish Meeting earlier that evening.

(30th April) We've received notification of a closure of Mount Lane level crossing on 4th June - see details

(27th April) The Parish Council's accounts for 2014-15 will shortly be available for inspection see notice

(27th April) Details of the parliamentary candidates, their agents and the polling stations are now available

(12th April) Nominations have now been published. There were only 3 nominations for the 7 seats on the Parish Council so there will be no PC ballot and we will be looking for people interested in being co-opted - please do get in touch if you would like to know more. The District Seat is contested as is the Parliamentary Seat so there will be elections on 7th May. You should have received your Pollcards by now but if not and you think you are eligible to vote, please contact NKDC on 01529 414155 as soon as possible. The last date for registration is Monday 20th April and to apply for a postal vote is 21st April.

(4th April) Don't forget the closing date for nominations for the Parish Council is Thursday 9th April at 4pm. Please contact the Clerk or NKDC if you are interested in becoming a Councillor.

(4th April) The trips to the Renewable Energy Plant on 13th April and 21st May are now fully booked - we are trying to arrange alternative dates - watch this space!

(23rd March) Parish Council update  Parish Council Election Notice

(23rd March) We have been advised by LCC that Mount Lane will be closed for 1 day this summer for resurfacing - exact date not known, but this will be publicised on site nearer the time

(23rd March) We have been offered the chance to promote a couple of visits to the Renewable Energy Plant - if anyone would like to visit on either Monday 13th April or Thursday 21st  May, please contact the Clerk to book a place. The visits start at 6.30 pm and will last around 11/2 to 2 hours. Spaces are limited so booking is essential

(6th March) Parish Council Elections 7th May. The election process is now underway with the nomination packs being available from NKDC. Nominations are accepted from 23rd March and the closing date is Thursday 9th April. Kirkby la Thorpe Parish Council has 7 seats in total and we'd like to see them all filled  this  year please! All information is available on the elections area on the NKDC website, where you'll also find details of the Parliamentary and District Elections being held the same day. The Clerk is also holding some spare nomination packs.

(6th March) Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant. The new sculpture was unveiled on 3rd March by children from Kirkby la Thorpe School and a second secondary schools sustainability event was held on 5th March.


(6th March) Another vacancy has been created by the resignation of Cllr Zoe Watson who has moved away from the parish. We wish her well in her new home.

(20th February) Kirkby la Thorpe lies on the edge of the South Forty Foot  Catchment - the land drainage provided by this system is essential for maintaining a flood free area for farming and housing, etc. The pumping system suffered some damage during the December 2013 East Coast Tidal Surge and the Environment Agency is proposing changes to the scheme to reduce the flooding risk in the future - see newsletter. Consultation events are being held at Billingborough on 11th March and Bicker on 12th March.

(12th January) The two vacancies on the Parish Council have now been advertised and no election has been called. The Parish Council can now co-opt 2 new members to fill the vacancies. If you are interested, please contact the Clerk.

2014 News Archive

(18th December) Another round of Switch has been announced sign up to check you have the best deal closing date 2nd February

(11th December) LCC Highways Annual Winter Advice notes re snow clearing etc are here and the 2014-15 Gritting Routes can be found on LCC website - direct link

(21st November) NKDC has sent useful information about the alignment of the production of Neighbourhood Plans and the Central Lincs Local Plan see paper

(21st November) NKDC is consulting on proposed changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme for 2015-16 - to have your say go to the site

(4th November) Cllr David Main and Cllr Simon Rossiter have both resigned due to moving away from the Parish. We wish them well in their new homes. The vacancies are officially announced today - see notice

(28th September) Central Lincolnshire Draft Local Plan 2011-2036 - Consultation Events are being held across central Lincolnshire during October. Our nearest is at The Source in Sleaford on 23rd, please see attached

(18th September) LCC has advised us of a road closure on Mount Lane in December see here for more details

(18th September) Kirkby la Thorpe Parish Council is looking to install a set of parallel bars at Mount Lane Play Area. These will need to meet the relevant safety specifications and include suitable safer surfacing. If you are interested in quoting for this work, please contact the Clerk on 07973 330765 or by email

(18th September) NKDC has announced advance information about the Elections next year and the costs to Parish Councils. They will also be running events for people interested in standing as candidates - please look out for them

(18th September) LCC's Switch campaign enters its third round  - please see for more details. Closing date 13th October

(18th September) NKDC is changing the dates for emptying the dog and litter bins to Fridays. This will not affect the household refuse collections

(30th August)  Kirkby La Thorpe Parish Council is looking to demolish its redundant bus shelter and associated litter bin on the A17 westbound. The closing date for quotes is Monday 8th September. If you are interested in quoting for this work, please contact the Clerk on 07973 330765 or by email

(30th August) NKDC is holding its statutory review of Polling Districts and Polling Places from September 1st - for more information see

(14th July) LEADER FUNDING - please see flyer for information about LEADER funding event at Leasingham on 30th July. This is European Funding, previously not available for NK enterprises - projects can be entered by businesses, community groups and charities, but must have a demonstrable economic benefit.

(14th July) Lincs2Advice - please see flyer for information about a new advice service

(28th April) - Financial Year 2013-14 Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of Electors' Rights is now published

(27th April) - EU Elections 22nd May 2014 - please see the official Notice of Candidates and Poll

(27th April) SWITCH - register with SWITCH by 9th June  to save on your energy bills, click  for more details.

(10th April) - EU Elections 22nd May 2014 - please see the official Notice of Election

(17th March)  - Reminder - don't forget that if you spot a pothole or any other highways defect including street -lighting problems, you can report theses directly to LCC through their website , following the links to 'Report'

(17th March) - Network Rail will be carrying out tests on the Avoiding Line, residents are warned to expect loud noises and vibrations overnight from approx 22.00 hrs on Thursday 20th March to 06.00 hrs on Friday 21st March. All nearby dwellings should have received either the attached letter or a similar information direct from the contractors

(17th March) - LCC Good Citizens Awards - now open for nominations see website closing date 25th April

(8th March) - NKDC will be changing the waste collection routes from 31st March - look out for your new collection calendar explaining the new bin days

(8th March) - 4all - an information service for parents/carers of children and young people aged 0-19 with a disability and/or additional needs - see poster.

(13th February) - We've been advised of a road closure on Mount Lane level crossing at the beginning of March  see here

(31st January) SWITCH - register with SWITCH by 17th February  to save on your energy bills, click  for more details.

(31st January) NKDC is holding Budget/Council Tax Consultation Events for residents on the following dates: Monday 3 February 7pm The Venue, Navenby,         Thursday 6 February 7pm, District Council Offices, Sleaford and   Tuesday 11 February 7pm, Terry O’Toole Theatre, North Hykeham. These events focus on budget planning for North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council.  In addition, residents will be able to participate in an electronic voting session and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the budgets. To confirm attendance, we would ask residents to please contact the Corporate Information Team on 01529 308016 or email,

(8th January 2014) Street name signs - we have been advised by NKDC that they will be refurbishing the street name signs in Kirkby la Thorpe. Over the next few weeks they will remove the signs which are in poor condition to re-paint them, once they have been refurbished the signs will be replaced in a few days, if you notice some signs are missing within the village this is the reason and not that any have been stolen, any signs that cannot be refurbished will be replaced with new signs. Do not be alarmed! 

2013 News Archive

(December 2013) Eco2 Renewable  Energy Plant - Michael Condron has been commissioned to design and install a piece of public art at the entrance to the site - the photograph shows a scale model of the proposed structure. He is running workshops for local schools and individuals in January and early  February. Call 01529 308710 for more details


(12th December 2013) Winter travel - please follow  the link to the Lincolnshire Gritting Routes Winter 2013. This includes handy tips on DIY snow clearance!

(12th December 2013) Latest Travel and Transport Briefing from LCC Highways

(11th December 2013) NKDC Critical Weather Food Parcels

(7th November 2013) NKDC Christmas Refuse Collections