There is an ongoing issue in Kirkby la Thorpe with the problem of transport for the pupils in the village attending the Sleaford secondary schools. At the moment the pupils are not considered eligible for free transport to school, but there is a strong feeling in the community that the route is not suitable for walking especially at peak traffic times, as the darker nights and mornings draw in and an increasing volume of HGV traffic is expected delivering straw to Eco2We do appreciate that footpath improvements will be underway shortly in conjunction with Eco2 which will improve the walking/cycling route considerably but these will still not address one of the acute danger points, where the route crosses the main road on a blind bend, under national speed limit conditions. 

Lincolnshire County Councillor Barry Young kindly agreed to join us to walk the route and we set off from the Hoplands, just next to Sleaford Police Station on Boston Road, at 4.15 pm on Friday 8th November in the pouring rain. And conditions got colder, darker and wetter.. which perfectly illustrated the unsuitability of the route for walking to and from school

A repeat exercise was carried out on 10th December when the Chairman Cllr Rob Hipworth, parent Andy Parker and the Clerk Debbie Scott were joined by David Robinson and his colleague from the School Transport section and the route was walked from the School on Church Lane towards town.

The LCC officers were concerned about the appalling conditions under foot on sections of the walk (see below) but did not feel that the route was unsafe according to their criteria.

The well established weeds in the gutter and the covering of the road markings illustrate some of the problems.

Complaints have been lodged with the Police, NKDC and LCC